About us

The Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the Global Fund has in the recent past been undergoing some reforms rationale in order to improve the performance of GF grants. On 27th October, 2010 the CCM re-branded itself to Kenya Coordinating Mechanism (KCM) with a membership of 18 people from the original 27 and Ex Officio Members comprising the Chairpersons of the Inter Agency Coordinating Committees for each of the three disease components (TB, Malaria and HIV and AIDS) and the Principal Recipients for both the Public and the Non-State actors.
KCM is composed of two (2) level committees, namely the National Oversight Committee (NOC) which provides the overall leadership for the Coordination of the Global Fund grants in Kenya and three (3) Interagency Coordinating Committees (ICCs) for each of the disease components (TB, Malaria and HIV and AIDS) at the Technical Level.

KCM Mandate

The KCM mandate is to attract funds from The Global Fund for the HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria programmes and coordinate, monitor, evaluate and support the implementation of the Global Fund grants. It is responsible for ensuring that the Global Fund proposal is country owned and implementation is country driven.

KCM Guiding Principles

In its operations KCM adheres to the following principles:- National Ownership of Global Fund grants; Commitment to improving Global Fund Grants’ performance; Broad representation of stakeholders; Transparency and accountability and equality of Members.

Roles of KCM

1. To coordinate the submission of concept notes to the Global Fund, through a formal, transparency and
documented process.
2. To Select one or more appropriate organizations(s) to serve as the Principal Recipient(s) for a Global Fund Grant through a transparent and documented process.
3. To oversee implementation of activities under the Global Fund approved programmes, including approving major changes in implementation plans of the Global Fund grants as necessary.
4. To evaluate the performance of the Global Fund programmes and the Principlal Recipients and change Principal Recipients, when necessary.
5. To ensure linkages and consistency between Global Fund assistance and other resources available in support of national HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and malaria programmes.
6. To ensure all relevant constituencies are involved in the decision making-process and provide information on the Global Fund grants, such as calls for concept notes, decisions of the KCM and detailed information on approved concept notes, to a wide range of stakeholders.



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