Estimated timelines for Kenya grant-making and grant signing


Find attached estimate time lines for Kenya Grant-making and signing

Estimated timelines for grant-making_Kenya


Request for Proposal Alert: Support to the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative (2017-2019)

The Global Fund invites potential organizations to submit proposals to support, as service  providers, the roll-out of the Community Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative, during  2017-2019, in one or both of the following categories:
1. Civil society and community organizations to provide peer-to-peer short-term  technical assistance for civil society and community engagement in Global  Fund and related processes;
2. Civil society and community organizations to host a Regional Platform for  Coordination and Communication.
The call for this  proposal was made on 28.04.2017 and the Closing date is 29.05.2017. Forwarded below find the guidelines,statement of work and evaluation criteria. Please circulate this call /opprortunity to your stakeholders / networks.


Management of Funds to Support Meaningful Engagement of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Global Fund-related Processes

The Global Fund invites potential organisations  to submit proposals to support the management of funds that can foster meaningful engagement of Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW)  community-based organizations in Global Fund related processes. Organisations are expected to have  capacity to manage and channel small grants in an effective and efficient way to selected sub grantees  in 13 focused countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.The closing date for the request for proposal (RFP) is 15/05/2017 and the allocated amount is $ 500,000 to be implemented in 12 months.
Forwarded please find RFP guidelines and the evaluation criteria ,kindly circulate to your networks and stakeholders.REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL -TGF-17-063

Funding request application materials


Funding Request Templates

Download a copy of the instructions and Funding Request Template from the link below.

Instructions and Template for Funding Request



Programmatic Gap Tables

Download  copy of the Programmatic Gap Tables from the link below.

Programmatic Gap Tables – Malaria



Funding Landscape Table.

Download  copy of the Funding Landscape Table from the link below.

Funding Landscape Tables


List of Health Products

Download a copy of the List of Health Products, Quantities and Cost from the link below.

Health Products Quantities And Costs_template


Budget Template

Download a copy of the Budget Template from the link below.

Budget Template Guidelines



CCM Eligibility Requirements

Download  copy of the CCM Eligibility Requirements from the link below.


CCM Statement of Compliance_EN

CCM Eligibility Narrative


Funding Model Abbreviations and Annex

Download  copy of the Funding Model Abbreviations and Annex from the link below.

Funding Model_Abbreviations And Annexes_List


Download a copy of the update on Funding Request from the link below.

Update on Global Fund Funding Request


Download a copy of the Global Fund 2017-2019 Funding Cycle from the link below.

Global Fund Funding Model_2017-2019 Cycle Overview


Download a copy of the Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing of programs
supported by the Global Fund from the link below.

Core Sustainability And Transition Guidance Note

Updates on Global Fund Funding Request

  • Kenya Coordinating Mechanism met  on 8th December, 2016 and endorsed a decision to establish  funding request writing team secretariat consisting of 26 members to kick start the process of developing the Country’s Funding Request.
  • Global Fund Country Team attended KCM meeting on 8th December,2016 and oriented KCM members on the Funding Request Guidelines.
  • KCM /Country agreed to submit the funding request during the 23rd May, 2017 window to ensure continuity of GF supported programs.
  • Country allocation letter received on 15th December,2016 from Global Fund and circulated to all KCM Constituencies
  • Joint MOH-Inter Agency Coordinating Committee-JICC held a meeting on 20th December, 2016 and filled in all the slots for the writing team secretariat as endorsed by KCM.
  • Joint ICC Proposed writing to meet on 9th January, 2017 and develop a draft road map.

Download a copy of the update from the link below.

Updates on Global Fund Funding Request



Frequently Asked Questions
The 2017-2019 Funding Cycle

Click the link below

Frequent Asked Questions Funding model 2017-2019 cycle



Update on 2017-2019 funding cycle and the differentiated funding application

Click the link below for full application Process

KCM Global Fund Training Application Process