Highlights of The KCM- Oversight Committee Meeting Held On 1st September, 2016

KCM – Oversight Committee  held its meeting on 1st September 2016. The following are some of the recommendation.

General Recommendations

• KCM was requested by OC to intervene and ensure that as the process of repatriation of refugees in Dadaab is ongoing, safety, human rights and public health issues are considered for patients/clients currently receiving MDR support

• Midterm assessment /evaluation of the NFM grants be conducted to inform re programming as the country approaches development of the next concept note/funding request.
• The reconstituted Oversight Committee membership to be endorsed by KCM on 28/09/2016
• Ms Timpiyian Leseni -alternate TB constituency nominated to represent PLWD.
• Dr Rudi Eggers to represent ML-WHO
• Dr Evans Amukoye-KEMRI
• Key population –Decision on the member to represent KP to be made by KCM on 28/09/2016
• Periodic joint meeting between Oversight, Management and KCM members be held to review KCM performance and first track implementation of KCM performance Improvement plan 2016/2017.

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