VISION: A concerted effort towards a malaria free Kenya.
MISSION: To direct and coordinate efforts towards a malaria free Kenya through effective partnerships

• Interventions:
• Prompt and effective treatment- by use of ACTs
• Vector control- by use of LLINs
• IRS in Epidemics prone regions
• Surveillance
• M & E
• Malaria Global Fund Support
2 grants from Global fund:
1. Round 2 – closed
2. Round 4 – on-going
3. Affordable Medicine Facility for Malaria (AMFm) – hosted under Round 4
4. Coming soon: GF Round 10

5. Objectives under Round 4
1. Objective 1:Implementation of the new malaria treatment policy using ACTs (Prompt, effective treatment)
2. Objective 2:To reduce morbidity and mortality associated with malaria epidemics in 16 epidemic prone districts
3. Objective 3.To increase to universal coverage with LLIN in 33 districts and increase net use to 80% by Jan 2011
4. OBJECTIVE 4: To improve community access to malaria prevention and control information
5. Objective 5. Human resources development
6. Objective 6 NGOs and Program management

Phase I
Phase 1 of round 4 was signed on April 2005
• The start date was 1st Feb 2006 – January 31st 2008 (There was a 3 month no cost extension which ended in April 2008)
• The amount approved for phase I was USD 81,749,756 but USD 76,103,617 was disbursed.(balance USD 5,646,139 )
Phase II
• Approved Phase II amount was 80,423,329
• A total of 26,431,540 for Year 3 was released in November 2009(Feb. –Oct. 2008)
• Second disbursement of 39,084,205: Aug 2010
• Phase II ends on 31st July, 2011, (with a no cost extension for 6months from Feb 2011)
• Procurement of 4.5m LLINs is complete.
• Additional procurement of 712,000 LLINS has started
• Program implementation is ongoing with money going to districts/provinces
• Pending disbursement USD 14,907,584

Achievements for Malaria Round 4
1. Overall reduction of prevalence of malaria
2. Successful implementation of the new malaria treatment policy.
3. More than 5,000 Health workers have been trained on the new treatment policies
4. Successful mass ITN distribution and increased ITN coverage, child mortality came down by 44%
5. Indoor Residual spraying in 16 epidemic prone districts to prevent epidemics
6. Achievements cont
a. More than 2 million houses have been sprayed, protecting over 3.5 million from malaria epidemics
b. Employment of 500 health workers
c. Successful communication strategy
d. Improved program management, monitoring and evaluation
7. Use of ITN in children and Pregnant women has increased from 4.6% and 4.4% in 2003 to 46.7% and 49% respectively in 2008.

Ongoing Activities for Round 4
1. Mass Bednet Distribution to achieve universal coverage: Total need for LLINS for is 10.6m, for mass LLINs distribution in 2011.
a) 4.5m LLINS from GF- procurement complete.
b) 712,000 LLINS from GF-
c) 2.3m LLINS from World bank
d) 700,000 from World Vision
e) 1.5m LLINS from PMI
f) Gap 0.9m LLINS
2. Affordable medicine facility for malaria (AMFm) was launched in August 2010
• AMFm is Hosted by Round 4, runs upto December 2012
• Aim is to increase access to affordable medicines through private outlets.
• Supporting AMFm interventions lagging behind: communication strategy, training of private HWs