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The Committees Of KCM

KCM is composed of two (2) level committees, namely the National Oversight Committee (NOC) which provides the overall leadership for the Coordination of the Global Fund grants in Kenya and three (3) Interagency Coordinating Committees (ICCs) for each of the disease components (TB, Malaria and HIV and AIDS) at the Technical Level.

Officials of the KCM
The KCM shall have a Chair and a Vice-Chair. The Chair shall be from the Government constituency and the Vice-Chair shall be from a non-government constituency.
The Chair and Vice-Chair should not be from an organisation serving as a Principal Recipient, Sub Recipient or an institution that directly benefits from the Global Fund Grants.

Committees of the KCM
The KCM shall have three permanent standing committees; namely, the Management Committee Oversight Committee , and the Ethics Committee . The KCM will appoint ad-hoc committees when necessary to undertake tasks delegated by the KCM.
The Chairs of the committees shall be drawn from the KCM membership.

Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee shall be comprised of eleven KCM members, KCM Alternate members, –HIV, TB, Malaria and RSSH Health Sector Working Group (HSWG) and Co- opted members. The required quorum for an Oversight Committee is fifty percent, plus one.

The KCM Oversight Officer shall be the secretary to the oversight committee. Meetings will be recorded in the form of minutes and reported on to the next KCM meeting.

Management Committee

The KCM shall have a Management Committee. Members of the Committee must be KCM members.
The Management Committee shall be comprised of the KCM Vice-Chair, the Oversight Chair, the Ethics Committee Chair, and Six other members selected by the KCM. The required quorum for a Management Committee meeting is five members.

The responsibilities of the Management Committee shall be to:

1. Conduct those tasks specifically assigned to it at a full meeting of the KCM.
2. Make decisions on urgent matters between regularly meetings of the KCM, when it is not practical or possible to organize a full meeting of the KCM.
3. Keep the full KCM informed of its activities, recommendations, and decision.
4. If needed, the Management Committee will assign responsibilities and deadlines for the implementation of activities related to its decisions. This may include members of the Management Committee, KCM members, the KCM Secretariat, or other appropriate stakeholders.
5. Determine and review the structure and establishment of the KCM Secretariat.
6. Provide recommendations to the KCM to make decisions and address issues arising in between full KCM meetings for non-emergency issues.
7. Oversee the operations of the KCM Secretariat and conduct an annual performance appraisal of the Secretariat.
8. Coordinate the development of the KCM operational plan and budget annually and the review of performance against these at the end of every year.
9. Support the Secretariat to prepare for KCM meetings in order to harmonise and consolidate the issues presented to the KCM meeting.

Appeal Committee

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee shall consist of three members of the KCM, drawn from the Government, Development Partners and the non-state Actors.
The Ethics Committee shall:
1. Provide guidance on the application of KCM Code of Ethical Conduct including addressing Prevention from Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (PSEAH) and Mitigation of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH).
2. Provide guidance and information on the application of the Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy and advise the members of the KCM on conflict of interest and ethics issues.
3. Oversee the Conflict-of-Interest Policy and its implementation. Resolve differences in the interpretation of conflict of interest.
4. At its discretion, bring any conflict issue it may consider necessary to the KCM for discussion and determination. Keep appropriate written records of its activities.
5. Report quarterly to the KCM. Take such other actions as are consistent with the KCM Constitution, Operating Procedures, COI Policy, as are necessary and appropriate for achieving the objectives of the Committee.

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